Caden John Bailey

Caden John Bailey
Caden John Bailey, Born March 18, 2011 @ 12:29pm

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What A Lovely Day For Soccer!

The weather in Seattle has been FAN-TAS-TIC! I'm talking 80's every day!! I love summer's in Seattle! Unfortunately we just started this trend in August! Our summer slept in and didn't decide to show up until now. Oh well. We'll take what we can get!

Some of our friends from the east coast were in town visiting for a short weekend getaway and we thought we'd take in a soccer game. It was hot, or at least to us Seattleites! I got teased for saying how hot it was by the Virginians! Jeremy, Ellen and Jason joined us to root on the Sounders as they crushed Columbus Crew 6-2. It was a fun game and Caden loved it!

Jason, Ellen, Jeremy, David, Caden and I

Caden LOVED Jason! It was so cute to hear him giggle

"Just another day on the ferry."

5 Months Already!

I know this post is coming out a little late, but better late than never, right? I can't believe our sweet son is already 5 months old! I feel like we blinked and the time had gone. We love him so much and with each new day he brings more and more joy to our lives.

Well, so far, month 5 has been my favorite! (I think with the beginning of each month, that is my new favorite! ) He is so darn cute, I just can't get enough of him! He is still working on rolling over consistently, but does it randomly right now. The day before he turned 5 months, he rolled from tummy to back and has only done it one other time-I think it was the next day! He finally seems to enjoy or at least tolerate tummy time...phew!! I really thought it may never happen! He can spend quite a bit of time on his tummy now that he can hold his head up and look around. It is pretty cute! He kicks his feet (while on his tummy) like he is going for a swim! It cracks me up! He is really talking up a storm! He has even found a few new octives! Going into a restaurant is now much more entertaining. He has even discovered how to do raspberries with his mouth. Love it!  He loves to stand. He will stand on your lap, the table, the floor, wherever you put him. He loves it! I think he is starting to learn that mommy and daddy will pick up toys that he drops and give them right back. He loves to sit in his Bumbo and play with whatever I put on his tray. He thinks it is hilarious to swipe them off or drop them off the side and watch to see if mommy or daddy will pick them up. It is pretty funny. He has discovered that he can grab onto Sophie's fur and pull. This morning he pulled a huge fist full of her fur because I couldn't get his fingers unclenched! Sophie just licks his hands and lays back down! He loves watching her do anything, especially play fetch. That is one of our evening rituals. He also loves it when Daddy and I sing "The bright sun comes out...", a song that Grandma Kathy taught him while camping. He gets the biggest grin as daddy uses Caden's arms to make the gestures and mommy sings. We try to sing it at least once or twice a day! Grocery shopping has become a whole lot more fun for both of us. I have started setting him in the seat of the cart now. He still needs help sitting up, but he loves to look around and smile at everyone! I think he gets at least 5 people to stop and talk to him every trip! I think the #1 pick for curtest new discovery, by both David and I, would be that he LOVES his toes! He plays with them any chance he gets. He grabs on and rolls from side to side, every now and then getting a toe in the mouth! He especially loves to play with his toes when he  is not restricted by anything...yes, I mean when he is naked! He loves being naked!

We are definitely getting to know this little cutie pie better with each moment. As I return back to work this fall (in 4 days!), I am a little sad to miss even one small new discovery but I am so thankful to only be working part time this year. Between Daddy and Grandpa and Grandma Smith, he will be in good hands. I know that I can't be there for everything, but I wish I was! I'm sure that is how every parent feels about their children. I think both Dave and I would agree that parenthood has been such a blessing for us. Caden is such a gift and we thank God each and every day for blessing our lives and trusting Caden to us. We are enjoying every moment with our sweet little baby love!

Taken in full Coug gear on his 5 month birthday

Such a big boy! He still needs a little help sitting up but shopping is so much more fun now! He loves to look around at everything!

Loves his toes!

In the mouth they go!
"Sophie, come and play with me!"

"Or...we can snuggle!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to Soccer!

Caden and I were finally able to attend a Sounders game this summer! This summer has been so cold and rainy that we have stayed home for most of the games! He loved it...well, when he was awake anyway!

Last Camping Trip of the Summer

Wow! Where has the summer gone? We have been SO busy this summer with travel and trips, I think the longest we were ever home at one time was a week! It has been a blast and Caden has definitely adjusted to our lifestyle!

For our final camping trip of the summer, we decided to head back to the ocean with David's family. We stayed in a nice park near Ocean Shores. We woke to beautiful blue sky every day and loved every minute of it! The weather at the ocean is usually cloudy, at least in the AM so we were very blessed with this weather! It was a little cool down at the beach, but Caden enjoyed the sand in toes and his afternoon snooze with the slight ocean breeze and the calming ocean rolling across the shore.

The first morning...mornings were a little chilly but very sunny!

LOVE his bomber hat!

Caden loved watching me slice up fruit for breakfast

Starting to teach him good eating habits!

Our set up at the beach

Sophie and Caden loved their toes in the sand

"Oh no, Auntie Lynnsey! Get that thumb out of his mouth!"

...But he looks so cute doing it!

Madelyn loved laying next to Caden trying to get him to talk back to her..."Hi baby Caden, Hi baby Caden..."

Caden turns 5 months old! Go Cougs!

You can never start too early with college talk!

The Go-Karts at Ocean Shores

Watching everyone go round and round

We LOVE the beach

 A long day at the beach makes for good sleeping!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Off To The Aquarium!

Today Caden and I joined some friends of ours on a day trip to the Seattle Aquarium. It was a gorgeous day and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to hang out with friends and try something new! IT WAS AWESOME! I really didn't think that Caden would get much out of it. In fact I figured he would sleep through most of it because he was at school with me all morning working without a nap! Boy was I wrong! He LOVED it! He was looking at all of the brightly colored sea creatures and loved to follow the fish around the fish tank! It was so fun for me to see him so engaged. Who needs a nap when there is so much to watch and look at? He was awake all the way until the end when he fell asleep, in my arms, while watching the otters. It was such a fun day! We missed daddy, though!

Caden doesn't look very excited, but that is because he hasn't had a nap yet! This is my friend Maria with her son Benton.

At the touch tanks

Touch tanks with Benton

Caden the scuba diver!

He loved the brightly colored fish

The otters!

Caden passed out in my arms! It was a long day!

Not a very long nap! He and Benton both woke up when we arrived back at the ferry!

Such a fun day!