Caden John Bailey

Caden John Bailey
Caden John Bailey, Born March 18, 2011 @ 12:29pm

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Caden Turns 9 Months

Wow! We can't believe he is already 9 months old. This year has gone by so fast. As we recount the adventures we have had this year, becoming a little family has been our favorite! Here's to an even more exciting 2012!

Here are his stats:
Height: 29in
Weight:20lb 1oz
Head: 46.5cm

He was such a good boy at the doctors today and so smiley! I think it was because he didn't have to get any shots! At least mom was smiling for that reason!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas With Daddy

We are very lucky that we have so many families to share our lives with. This year David's shift was assigned to work on Christmas Eve and Day...That's just the way the cookie crumbled. Thankfully they decided to split it up this year so that they could have at least have the Eve off, which is posted below! we went to share in Christmas day with David at the fire station. My fingers were crossed that we would actually get to eat together this year. There was one year that the tones went off right as we were pulling dinner out of the oven and off they a HUGE fire that lasted through the night (until 4am!). So, the wives played games, ate a great Christmas dinner, hung out, wrapped up the food and went home for the night. This year was a little different. David was gone when we arrived at the station this evening on a transport to the "local" hospital (thank goodness it wasn't a ferry ride to Seattle!). Soon after we arrived, there was another call and off the rest of them went! It was just Caden and I...all alone...

About an hour later, they started to show back up and around 6:20 David arrived. We were able to make a great dinner (any dinner at the station is amazing!) and actually eat all together. Caden and I were the only family that could make it this year, but that is okay. It still felt like a family dinner. I love the feeling of brotherhood that is shared amongst the guys. It is very comforting to know that when David can't be with his wife and son, he is still with family.

So, we waited...and waited...

Finally! Daddy came back!

We played and made silly faces

Wow! Check out that tongue!

Christmas Dinner with "A" shift

Caden's First Christmas

"Who's got a beard that's long and white? Santa's got a beard that's long and white! Who comes around on a special night? Santa comes around on a special night!  Special night, beard that's white...Must be Santa! Must be Santa! Must be Santa! Santa Claus!" Must Be Santa by Tim Moore...

Caden loved reading this book, especially with David because he knew the real song! We spent a lot of time this holiday season sharing the gift and delights of Christmas with Caden. He loved every minute of it from shopping with mom and dad to wrapping the gifts...or eating the reading books every night about Baby Jesus and Santa. It has been such a blessing and so much fun to share in this first Christmas experience with Caden.

He had his first Christmas with the Smith/Yamada clan yesterday since David has to work today. Caden loved opening gifts with his cousins and playing with his new toys! I think the amount of toys was a little overwhelming for him! He is not used to having so many new things in front of him at once! He still enjoyed every minute of it.

This morning, he was so excited he tried to wake up at 1:50AM! I quietly reminded him that Santa won't come unless he is in bed with eyes closed...preferably sleeping! Soon after he fell fast asleep and thought he heard Santa up on the roof top with a click, click, click! As David and I rolled over and noticed that is was 5:40AM, we decided that this would be as good of time as any to start our first Christmas with our son. Since David needed to leave for work at 7:00, we flopped out of bed and decided to get the day started!

Caden was an old pro this morning after his practice last night with Grandma and Grandpa! He pulled his toys right out of his stocking and started playing with them. Sophie was the real pro! She ran down stairs faster than fast and pounced right on her stocking...passing up Caden's with a cow puppet sticking out! She knew just where to go!

We had a great morning together with our little family and next we will be joining David at the fire station for dinner tonight...hopefully!

Many blessings this holiday season and wishes for a wonderful 2012! We can't wait!

Reading Christmas books with Grandma Bobbie

Our little family

"Oh mom and dad...more smooches?"

Opening up gifts with cousins

He loves his cookie monster

"Sophie...come out and open up your gifts!"

Christmas Eve beans and carrots!

"Hey, Brady! Where is my prime rib?"

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

"I said for Santa, Caden!"

So tired! Ready for bed...

Christmas morning!

Did I mention it was 5:40AM!
Caden was so excited to get down the stairs!

Everyone has to wait patiently for Daddy to give us the "Ok" to run down stairs!

Both Sophie and Caden loved what Santa left for them!

Such a ham!

He loves driving his car!

...and his pig puppet!

Taking a break with Daddy!

"We love Christmas!"

Santa left Sophie a new monkey toy!

New blocks!

"Thanks Mom and Dad for a great Christmas!"

Santa left Caden a note to thank him for the cookies and milk

"Did you leave me anything under here, Santa?"

I think crawling is right around the corner!

He is so close! We'd better get ready!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Little Drummer Boy...

He can even flip his drumsticks like the rockstars and uncle Joe do!

Happy Birthday Mommy and Caden!

Yesterday was Amanda's 31st birthday and Caden's 9 month celebration! We had a fun day starting off with a "joint effort" of opening up birthday gifts.

We have had a great year! Looking forward to what next year brings!

"Um...I think you might need some assistance with this..."

"Just watch me. It goes like this, Mommy!"

"I'm just practicing for Christmas!"

"I'd better taste it to make sure it's safe to open"

Sophie joined us, too!

"Okay, it tastes safe enough!"

I mean, who couldn't love a face like this?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Videos of Our Silly Little Boy

We have so many cute little are a couple!

Sophie is so funny!

Bathtime Fun

Caden has always loved baths, especially after he could be in the bathtub. Now that he can sit up, he loves to have his bath and then play. He likes to splash with both his hands and feet and play with his bath toys. He is such a ham!