Caden John Bailey

Caden John Bailey
Caden John Bailey, Born March 18, 2011 @ 12:29pm

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Virginia!

Our next stop in our whirl wind vacation to the east coast was Virginia! On day one, we decided to hit the beach! This was Caden's first trip to the beach.

The view was gorgeous and the water was so warm!

It started off with a siesta in the shade

A little swimming. The beach was soooo sandy and it was sooo warm! This is my kind of beach!

Jeremy and David playing Bocce Ball

Hanging out with Drake...we really miss Sophie! She would have loved the beach!

We have our swim gear on and area ready to try the ocean for the first time!

Caden taking a dip in the Atlantic! He swam in the Atlantic before the Pacific! It was much warmer!

A rest after another good day on vacation!

The next day we made a visit to Virginia Beach for lunch and a (short) walk on the boardwalk. (It was 99 degrees that day!!!)

Our Gracious Hosts

Stephen and Lesley Pelstring were the most gracious hosts ever!! It was like staying in a B&B! The whole Pelstring family was present and it was fun to see everyone! Did I mention how tasty the food was? Wow! There are some great cooks in that family! Thanks again for a great visit, Pelstring family!

Stephen, Lesley, Amanda, Caden and David

The Pelstring Siblings
Kevin, Amanda, Jeremy and Sam

Jeremy and David

Ellen, Jeremy, Amanda, Caden and David

Caden Visits Arlington National Cemetary

On our last day in DC, we headed out to Arlington National Cemetery. It was the most beautiful cemetery we had ever been to. We are so thankful for those who fight for our country and give their lives to protect us. We had a chance to see the "Changing of the Guard". It was very cool to watch. Again, Caden was getting a little warm, but he understood the importance of silence during this ceremony and just sat and watched.

The site of "The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier"

The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

The changing of the guard

JFK's headstone

Pooped after another full day of touring around

Caden Makes New Friends!

While staying at the Pelstrings, we had a dear friend stop by to visit. Our friend Jason just graduated from Harvard and he and his girlfriend were in town for a wedding. We haden't seen him since he lived with Jeremy in Seabeck. They stopped by to see Jeremy and his family and thankfully we had a chance to see him too! He is destine to do something great for this country, we just know it!

Jason and Caden

Museum Day

Day two was filled with museums. We thought we should take a break from the heat outside and spend some time indoors with AC! We hit up the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of American History. Both  were A-MAZ-ING! Unfortunately we forgot to take any pics after this first one on our way! Oops! Caden had a great day and enjoyed looking at the photos and exhibits. He slept through the Holocaust Museum, which was a blessing. It was very quiet inside and David and I had a chance to really read and learn about this devastating time. He did get a lot of the ladies stopping us in the History Museum to tell us how cute he was! It's already starting!

Caden Goes To DC!

On our first full day in DC, we headed downtown to the mall to see the monuments and memorials. It was sure a spectacular site! It was also nearing 90 degrees and none of us are use to that kind of heat, especially Caden. David and I LOVED and welcomed the sun but Caden had a tough day. It was just too hot! Good news is, he nursed at most of the monuments and memorials, so we were able to sit and enjoy the sights! Also, he was so exhausted by the end of the day that he slept like a champ!
Caden rides the metro and watches the map to make sure we are going the right way!

Walking toward the Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

Caden, Amanda and Ellen taking a break in the Jefferson Memorial to nurse and enjoy its beauty.

Looking across from the Jefferson Memorial at the Washington Monument

Family pic at the Jefferson Memorial

One of many stops for Caden to cool off

FDR Memorial

FDR Memorial

Korean War Memorial
(So beautiful!)

Truckin up to the Lincoln Memorial-Caden needs his fluids!

The Lincoln Memorial

Unhappy baby at the Lincoln Memorial! Time to eat and hydrate again!

Recovering with Daddy in front of the reflecting pool...too bad they drained it!!

David, Jeremy and Ellen waiting so patiently while Caden recovers...again :)

Jeremy and Ellen-our gracious and patient tour guides

Vietnam Memorial

WWII Memorial

Caden was stripped down and enjoying the slight breeze :)

WWII Memorial-soaking our tired feet and cooling off

David and Jeremy

We even had a chance to see Auntie Dana!!

Our day is winding down and it is time to start our adventure home.

Back on the metro-exhausted and with a full belly

We were all ready for a nap