Caden John Bailey

Caden John Bailey
Caden John Bailey, Born March 18, 2011 @ 12:29pm

Friday, February 17, 2012

11 Months Already

Our little guy is already 11 months tomorrow! Honestly, where has the time gone? I have been gearing up for his first birthday and I can't quite believe what I am doing!

Let's 11 months, Caden is the happiest boy we have ever known! He is constantly smiling and giggling and even gets down with Cookie Monster when he sings, "Let's Count Cookies"! He loves to eat Cheerios and claps like crazy to tell us that he wants more! We have been working on some signing-more and all done, and he does a pretty good job and telling us what he wants! He is becoming more and more interested in what we are eating. If he sees us eating, he army crawls over and reaches for what is in our hands-this is fairly new. He is almost crawling-the fastest army crawler around! He thinks it is hilarious to army crawl to a place that he knows is off limits such as the fireplace, look back and make eye contact with us, then, as fast as he can, he scoots toward the fire! What a stinker! He smiles all of the time and loves to flirt with all of the ladies in the stores. His favorite hobby is riding in the grocery cart at any store. He's such a flirt-especially in the line while we wait to check out! So far, I think Costco is his all time favorite store. He giggles at everything, which makes my heart so happy. Pulling his socks off during every car ride is his how he enjoys passing the time. If we are in the Tahoe, he loves to "share" his toys with Sophie! Sophie now rides at the far side of the car so she doesn't get hit with flying toys. He talks up a storm-especially mamamamama and dadadadada. He loves to look and play with other babies-especially pull on their ears and touch their face...we are working on being gentle. Caden also plays like such a big boy in the bath tub-this is after he practices his dolphin kick and gets mom soaking wet and the floor looking like a lake! He loves to sit and play with his bath toys. Swimming is one of our families favorite past times! We try to go as much as we can. He loves it! He also likes to stand up and hold on to things like the back window or an ottoman. He looks so cute doing it too! One of our favorite talents of Caden is his ability to drink out of a Camelbak water bottle! The kind you have to bite and suck at the same time! Our friends Alex and Evan had this same talent and I couldn't quite believe it! Now Caden has followed in their footsteps! He does not like to drink out of a traditional sippy cup. Finally, he has 6 big teeth! Well...really it's more like 4 full teeth and his two incisors are about half way in! His grins are so darn cute!

Well...I think that about it! He is busy and keeps us on our toes but we love him more every day! Can't believe he turns one next month! Oh dear...
We love to read, he loves to eat the books! Working on this, too!

LOVE that toothy grin!

See! He is so sneaky!

Just getting him ready for his first big game of the season on March 17

Who could say "no" to this face? We are in trouble!

Working on being gentle...he just can't stay away from a pretty girl!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun at the Park

Caden and Daddy took advantage of the gorgeous sunny day and headed to one of the parks in Poulsbo yesterday.

He loved climbing all over the slide and going up and down like a big boy.

He LOVED the swing... "More Daddy!"

He also just loved to sit and watch all the kids running around and playing.  Soaking it all in.