Caden John Bailey

Caden John Bailey
Caden John Bailey, Born March 18, 2011 @ 12:29pm

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wild Animals Everywhere!

We had such a fun day today! With our nephew, Brady staying with us, we were on a hunt for fun activities for boys! I have always wanted to take him to the Olympic Game Farm but since he lives in Lynnwood, it just hasn't happened. This was the perfect opportunity.

We all laughed and screamed as the animals approached our car! I don't think I have ever wished the window to roll up faster than I did today! With Caden in my arms, I was a little nervous of the long tongues that might slurp him! Brady was all about feeding the buffalo, yaks, bears, etc! He loved it! Did I mention that Caden looked super cute in his flannel shirt? Well...he does!

"Bring it on Rooster Posse, I challenge you!"

12 Week old bear cub

"I'll give you a little scratch right here Mr. Llama"


The teddy was taking a little bath... I think.

"Ok, that is a REALLY big lion.  I'm good looking from here Mommy"

Wait a minute, who is feeding who here?

"I'm just gonna give your ear a little nibble Brady"

Oh look, they're both posing for the camera, that's nice

"Bison in the car!"  (It attacked me while I was looking the other way.  A classic Game Farm tactic)

"I'm just going to grab those little pointy things ok?"

"Get the window up Mommy.  That thing is huge!"

(The head was all the way in the car a second ago, we just missed it)

"Daddy, Mommy is getting licked, I'm scared for her"

"Come back deer, come back... I have bread..."

"...never mind, I'll just eat it myself."  (The deer was less than impressed!)

Brady having fun...

...Brady NOT having fun.
(notice the piece of bread appears to have missed the mouth)

Posing with the Peacocks at the end of the day.  So much Fun!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sounders Season 2

Well, we officially kicked off our second season of Sounders mania with Caden yesterday! It was perfect! The sun was out, temp was just right-about 65 degrees, and Caden was raring to go to the game! We discovered that his 2T Sounders jersey would (kind of) fit, so we threw it on! He also has a hat that (kind of) fits as well! It was just adorable! And...the Sounders won! Can't wait for the season to unfold!
He actually really enjoyed watching the game and the crowd. He was pretty mesmerized!

Just hanging out, taking a break from all of the stimulation.

Watching the game with David

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today was Easter! Last year at this time, we had a three week old baby and were so sleep deprived. We drug ourselves out of the house to show off Caden and spend time with family. This year was totally different! We really did it up for Caden! He had a basket from the Easter Bunny and and got to hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid when he stopped by! It was so much fun.

We spent the majority of the day at my sister's house with most of our family. It was so fun. The weather was absolutely glorious! I think it made it up to 67 degrees! This is beautiful for Seattle, especially in April! We spent most of the day outside on the back porch enjoying every ray of sun on our milky white skin. Caden enjoyed crawling around and playing with his cousins. The egg hunt was the best, though! Caden was a little slow on the start so he had to find the trickiest eggs! His older cousins were just too goodand fast at the egg hunt! He had such a great time! We also realized that this was really his first time to be on the grass! That is what slowed him up! He wanted to mow the lawn! All in all, he loved the eggs, the basket and noise the eggs made when he shook them. It was a perfect day!

On his way to his Easter Basket

First Egg hunt

Trying to get him to put the eggs in his basket

Yeah! He did it!

He loved the pokey green light up ball the Easter Bunny left for him

The Crew

"Mom, what is this green stuff?"

Getting the hang of it now!

"Thanks Cousin Sarah!"

"Is THIS how I do it?"

"These things are so cool."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Sounders! and Happy 4th Birthday Sophie!

I just couldn't resist! The Sounders played today and Caden and David were too cute together!

David and Caden getting ready to cheer on the Sounders!

Sophie got a new stretchy dog for her 4th birthday! She loves it!