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Caden John Bailey
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wowey Maui! Week One!

Most people dream of taking a trip to Hawaii, anywhere tropical for that matter. Most people who do travel there may stay for a week or ten days. Most people do not stay for TWO WEEKS! Yes, I said two weeks! My parents generously took our whole family to Maui for two weeks. We shared two condos just a couple doors down from each other and they both had the most breathtaking view. I mean, every night we tried to be home by sunset so we could all sit on the lanai and watch the sky turn a million shades of orange, purple, red, yellow and pink. Each night it was different and each night it was even more beautiful than the night before.

The first day we arrived, we skipped Costco (told it wasn't open on Sundays...haha! We were fooled!) and went straight to the condo to unpack! We arrived early around 12, so we had the day. By the time we arrived at the condo and got settled, it was about 2pm...5pm our time. So...we had dinner! We found this hole in the wall restaurant that was open air and had a wonderful dinner. We then headed to the beach for taste of what was to come.
Caden had to take his baths in the sink because they had no bath tub!

The next morning was an early one. We had heard of this beautiful adventure that we just had to take. We needed to get up at 2:30am (Maui time) and drive up to the top of Mt. Haleakala for the most amazing sunrise...and it was just that. Believe it or not, it was freezing! We were at 10.000ft and absolutely freezing! The sight we witnessed was worth it, though.

We found that waking up so early really gave you a jump start to your day! We hit Starbucks for a cup of jo and a breakfast sandwich, hit up Costco for a major shopping trip and then hit the beach and the pool for the day!

Each night we had a great BBQing spot as part of our condo. We ate outside most nights!

Caden LOVED the fountains! He wanted to see them every time we went out to the courtyard!

Night two sunset! We literally did this EVERY night we were home for sunset!

From day two through the first week, we spent every day on a beach-trying new ones out each day and at the pool each evening. It was just glorious! David, Joe, and Danielle had a great time snorkeling! They saw turtles each time they went out!

Happy 4th of July! We spent the day in Wailea-Gorgeous!

We spent the evening of the 4th out in front of our condo on the beach! It was great!

The following day, we ventured out to the aquarium. Caden LOVED it! He ran all around looking at all of the fish and touching anything and everything that he could get his hands on! It was a blast!

These were the weirdest sea creatures that I have ever seen-Garden Eels! They totally creeped me out!

We had a great time the first week in Maui! We all sat at the pool and talked about how sad we would be to leave if our trip were to end after just one week-We still had so much to see and do! I think we spoiled ourselves with this trip!

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